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2. KeypascoID

A self-sovereign Federated SSO (Single Sign On) solution. You only need one KeypascoID – no more keeping track of different passwords. One ID to all services – for both anonymous and known end-user identifications.

KeypascoID is a distributed Federated Single Sign On Service (SSO) that provides hundreds of millions of end-users access to hundreds of millions of online service providers, both on blockchain and on the traditional Internet market.

KeypascoID can handle both identified and anonymous end-users. The end-user only needs one KeypascoID. The same ID can then be used for both anonymous and known end-user identifications. Keypasco creates a KeypascoID and places it on the blockchain, enabling all service providers to read it out whenever the end-user wants to log in.

KeypascoID has three levels:
  • Level 3. The user is completely anonymous
  • Level 2. The user as a person has been identified by a service provider. Other service providers can use this identity, if the end-user approves it.
  • Level 1. The user has been identified by a government or similar eID. Other service providers can use this identity, if the end-user approves. This level is suitable to make legal digital signatures.