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1. Insured Private Key Storage & Recovery

Blockchain Private Key Storage & Recovery – no more worries to lose your digital assets. Secure storage and recovery of your private keys. Keypasco has a patented technology that can protect any kind of blockchain key in a secure way.

You need your private key to access your digital assets. The problem is that if someone else gets access to your private key, they can do whatever they want with these assets. In the old world, banking information was related to a person, in blockchain, the assets are related to a number of private keys. If a key changes ownership, the assets connected to it will follow.

Most solutions today try to solve this problem by adding additional layers like hardware devices, OTP, SMS etc. Keypasco, however, solves the core problem. We do not store the private key so there’s nothing to steal or lose. With the Keypasco technology, the private key only exists in a fraction of a second, when needed, and only if you are the rightful owner. This makes the solution extremely secure, yet easy to use, enabling a backup and recovery process without any security risks.

The Keypasco private key recovery process is secure but at the same time future-proof. If you vision a future with only digital assets, what happens if you forget your PIN? What will your children inherit? It is time to solve this now, before it is too late.

” If your private key, as a whole, does not exist, then there is nothing to steal, and hence no blockchain fraud”
Maw-Tsong Lin, Founder & CEO of Keypasco