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Anonymous online micropayments, is it possible?

Do you always want to be identified? You do not have to be involved in shady business to want to be able to be anonymous. You may not think so much about it but when you buy a newspaper in the store and pay in cash you are actually anonymous.

Imagine that you buy a newspaper. The cashier can see you, but he only cares that your money is real. He can also see that it is you and no one else that get the newspaper you paid for. There is no need for him to identify who you are. You are noted – but anonymous. You should be able to do this online too.

Lets say you find an interesting article on a news site. You just want to read that article, and the media supplier would like to get paid. (The media supplier probably would be happy to know everything about their readers – but as long as they get paid, who you are is really none of their business.) It would also be useful if you were recognized so that you do not have to pay again if you later return to read the same article. With Keypasco´s micropayment solution this is possible.

Ever since the beginning of the Internet there has been a need for an easy-to-use, low-cost payment system. There have been many initiatives to solve this problem, but still the most common payment system is card-based. But, there are many problems and costs related to card payments that make it unsuitable for micropayments.

Keypasco solves the micropayment problem by combining identification and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are perfect for small low-cost payments over the Internet. Just like cash, it can be instant and anonymous.

When you want to buy things online like articles, music or movies, you only use your KeypascoID and can access the content immediately. The content provider does not know who you are. Keypasco also does not know who you are or what you have bought. You are recognized – but anonymous.

Keypasco’s micropayment service is like cash, only better because it does not fill your pockets with small change.

Keypasco´s Public Sale is handled by one of the most trusted ICO platforms, Tokeny. The Luxembourg based fintech is the only company dedicated to providing a secure end-to-end platform allowing the sale and management of tokens during and after an ICO or STO.

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